Why Car Dealers Should Embed Google Reviews on their website.

In today's digital era, car dealerships recognise the importance of Google reviews.
4-Mar-2024 - 4-Mar-2024

Unlocking Strategic Advantages.

In the digital age, the importance of online reviews is well understood by car dealerships.

Yet, many fail to realise the full strategic advantage of embedding Google reviews on their websites.

While incorporating testimonials from other platforms is common, overlooking the substantial trust and recognition that comes with Google's name by not embedding its reviews represents a missed opportunity.

Enhancing Trust and Conversions.

This oversight hinders their ability to fully leverage the powerful endorsements that Google reviews offer in building trust, enhancing conversion rates, and boosting revenue.

Dealerships that do not display authentic customer feedback prominently on their websites miss a critical chance to sway potential buyers at decisive moments of the purchasing journey.

Visualising the Car-Buying Journey.

Imagine finding your ideal car that meets all your criteria for features, performance, and price.

The only remaining hurdle is your uncertainty about the dealership's credibility.

Now, picture encountering live, embedded customer reviews on the dealership's website, providing the assurance needed to finalise your purchase.

This scenario underscores the significant impact embedding Google reviews can have on conversions and profitability.

Diversifying with Reviews from Multiple Platforms.

Moreover, embracing reviews from various platforms such as Trustpilot, Feefo, JudgeService, and Facebook Reviews solidifies your dealership's commitment to transparency and service excellence.


This strategy not only highlights your dedication but also offers a rounded perspective on your customer service levels, establishing a solid foundation of confidence with customers before they visit your location.

Benefits of Embedding Google Reviews.

Here are the long-term benefits of embedding Google reviews on your website and best practices for integrating them to optimise your online footprint.

Embedded Reviews Explained.

Embedded reviews, sourced from third-party platforms, are seamlessly integrated into your website, allowing testimonials from your Google Business Profile (GBP) to be automatically displayed.

This forms a live, evolving link between your digital reputation and online storefront, enriching the customer experience with up-to-the-minute feedback and testimonials.

The Advantages of Embedding Google Reviews on Your Website.

Embedding Google reviews on your dealership's website brings numerous advantages:

Boosts Purchasing Confidence: The most significant benefit is the marked increase in consumer confidence, nudging them towards making a purchase. Google reviews act as digital affirmations, guiding potential car buyers through their decision-making process with enhanced confidence.

Provides Social Proof: Exhibiting genuine customer experiences and viewpoints boosts your dealership's allure and credibility, effectively leveraging social proof to influence consumer behaviour.

Builds Trust: Featuring Google reviews is crucial for trust marketing. It enhances your dealership's credibility and attracts customers through positive feedback.

Refreshes Content: Embedding reviews adds fresh content to your website, bolstering local SEO performance and keeping your site dynamic and captivating.

Enhances Engagement: Visitors engaged in reading reviews (and responses) are more likely to interact with your site, decreasing bounce rates and fostering a sense of community. Notably, 89% of consumers read responses to reviews (BrightLocal), highlighting the importance of actively engaging with reviews to demonstrate your dealership's dedication to customer feedback. This humanises your brand and forges emotional connections that cultivate loyalty.

Strategic Placement of Embedded Reviews.

It’s vital to place Google reviews strategically on your website to capture the attention of potential buyers at crucial decision points, such as:

  • A homepage carousel.
  • Vehicle detail pages.
  • Book a service page.
  • Contact us page.
  • Dedicated review page.

Extending Google Reviews' Reach.

Beyond mere embedding, creatively utilising Google reviews in your marketing endeavours can further amplify their impact:

Enhance Advertisements: Bolster your ads with Google reviews to add social proof and attract new prospects.

Feature in Email Communications: Incorporating Google reviews in your email signature underlines trust with every interaction.

Utilise Case Studies: Convert positive reviews into case studies to showcase your dealership's success stories and customer satisfaction levels.


Integrating Google reviews on your car dealership's website is indispensable for an effective digital marketing strategy.

These reviews serve as crucial social proof, reassure potential customers, and significantly influence buying decisions.

By strategically highlighting positive feedback and utilising reviews across various marketing channels, you can improve your dealership's reputation, SEO rankings, and sales figures.

Distinguishing your dealership is paramount in a competitive landscape. Start embedding Google reviews on your website today to establish your dealership as a trusted leader in automotive retail.



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