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AI-Powered Review Replies: Responds in a minute, not days.
The headache of responding to reviews is over. With BFN-AI, witness a revolution in seconds—fully personalised, human-like responses to every guest review, only better. Slash your administrative efforts by a remarkable 90%, ensuring every review receives the attention it deserves instantly.
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Replies in minutes
BFN-AI writes unique replies instantly. Auto-post or check it, edit, & publish.
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Human-Like Responses
Concise or detailed SEO-ready replies, adds emojis for a human touch.
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Manage Negative Reviews
BFN-AI alerts you for immediate human response.
of customers will not choose a company that does not respond to their reviews
of customers prefer to choose a company that response to all reviews
This is the response rate targeted by our customers, thanks to BFN-AI
How it works
1. Customer leaves a review.
No wasting time. Skip checking multiple review sites. BFN-AI brings all reviews into one platform.
2. Filters review ratings automatically.
Sorts reviews by rating, allowing auto-replies or manual responses based on positive or negative reviews.
3. Reviews are funnelled directly into BFN-AI.
Routes reviews from all your review sites into BFN-AI, ready for fully automated AI-powered response management.
4. BFN-AI crafts personalised responses to each review.
Each positive response seamlessly incorporates keywords including location name and descriptors.
5. BFN-AI replies to 4- or 5 - star reviews.
BFN-AI immediately replies to positive reviews. For negative ones, it alerts the relevant personnel at your park via email.
AI-Powered Review Responses
AI-Powered Review Responses.
Enhance your front office team with our fully autonomous AI review response assistant, built on your unique knowledge base. Instantly reply to guest reviews, upsell effectively, and perfectly match your park’s tone of voice.
BFN-AI allows you to manually edit responses before publishing, combining AI's speed and efficiency with human insight. Keep control with both manual approval and full automation once you are comfortable your AI assistant is running smoothly.
Adaptive Replies.
BFN-AI ensures every customer review is uniquely addressed. From matching short reviews with concise responses to providing detailed ones for longer feedback. It can even respond to textless star ratings by encouraging customers to share more.
Add Emojis
Add Emojis.
Looking for a personalised touch in your replies? Incorporate emojis for added warmth and charm. BFN-AI seamlessly blends emojis into answers, giving your brand a friendly and approachable vibe.
Brand Voice
Brand Voice.
BFN-AI optimises responses to elevate your caravan park’s brand impact, seamlessly adopting your unique tone, voice, and identity. Whether your brand profile calls for a casual or formal tone, our AI can be trained to match, ensuring consistent, on-brand responses that enhance your guest experience.
Park Upselling
Park Upselling.
BFN-AI can be trained to subtly promote future events, or seasonal promotions like Chritmas special offers within review responses. By seamlessly incorporating keywords, it effectively upsells without a hard-sell approach while also enhancing your local SEO strategy.
Visualise all your reviews in one place.
No more back-and-forth. BFN-AI pulls in all your review data from your chosen review sites, ensuring prompt responses to every review. Also, all reviews are collected in a reporting dashboard, giving you a single centralised view of your reputation over multiple review sites at once.
Savings Calculator
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Connect to the major review sites:
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Fully Managed Set-up in 3 Steps
We will sync your review platform with our BFN-AI Responder App
1 - Grant Us Access.
Once your order is approved, we’ll guide you step-by-step on granting us admin access to your chosen review sites.
2 - Brand Sync Customisation.
We’ll connect your review platform and fine-tune our BFN-AI to craft responses that echo your park’s distinct brand voice.
3 - Ready, Let’s Launch.
We’ll connect your review platform and fine-tune our BFN-AI to craft responses that echo your park’s distinct brand voice.
4 - Enable Auto-Pilot Mode.
Once you’re confident in the quality of the generated responses, you can switch to « Auto-Pilot Mode » in the « Settings » tab. This will allow BFN-AI to automatically respond to incoming reviews without requiring your approval. You can always return to manual review mode if you prefer.
Frequently asked Questions
From order status updates to product details, we’re here to help. Use the menu below to jump to a particular topic, or feel free to contact a member of our Customer Service team directly.
1. How does BFN-AI help in attracting more guests to our caravan park?

By effectively managing and responding to guest reviews, BFN-AI can enhance your caravan park's reputation and visibility online, attracting more potential guests and increasing bookings.

2. How is the monthly fee structured for BFN-AI?

The monthly fee for BFN-AI is based on the number of reviews your caravan park receives each month. To understand the potential costs, please visit our pricing page where you can use the cost calculator. This tool provides a tailored quote according to your caravan park's review volume, helping you plan your budget effectively.

For larger caravan park groups operating multiple locations, we recognise that your needs may be more comprehensive.

We encourage such groups to contact us directly for a personalised quote that addresses their specific requirements.

You can reach us at 01743 235770 or via email at

In terms of payment, BFN-AI offers flexible options. You can opt to pay the monthly license fee on a monthly basis, or choose an annual payment plan, which is priced more competitively.

This flexibility allows you to select the payment structure that best fits your caravan park's financial planning and budgeting needs.


3. How long does it take to set-up BFN-AI in our caravan park?

From the moment you decide to onboard BFN-AI, we manage the entire setup process to ensure a smooth and hassle-free experience.

Typically, it takes between 3-5 business days to have everything up and running, although this can vary based on the number of caravan park locations and the review sites you want to integrate.

Our setup process is 100% code-free, so there is no need for IT department involvement.

All we need from you is temporary access to your Google Business Profile and any necessary credentials from your review platforms.

We'll send you straightforward instructions to provide them to the relevant contacts.

Once you place your order, we will provide a more accurate timeline tailored to meet your specific needs.

Our aim is to get you started with our AI-powered review response tool as quickly as possible without compromising the quality and customisation of the setup.



4. Do we need to sign a long-term contract for BFN-AI?

At BFN-AI, you are not locked into any long-term subscription contracts. Whether you are paying for your review credits monthly or annually, you have the freedom to choose not to renew your credits at the end of your payment cycle.

If you decide not to continue, simply email us at to request the removal of your details from our system.

Please note that the initial setup fee is non-refundable. This fee covers the cost of integrating and tailoring AI prompts to your specific caravan park, ensuring you receive the full benefits of BFN-AI from the start.

5. How does BFN-AI handle negative reviews for caravan parks?

Responding to negative reviews should always involve humans due to the time and sensitivity required. However, BFN-AI can be invaluable in creating first-draft responses, providing a starting point for human reviewers to save time.

Instead of starting from scratch, your team can review BFN-AI's draft, make necessary edits, and move it to the publish queue.

BFN-AI is configured not to auto-reply to negative reviews (ratings of 1, 2, and 3 stars). Instead, when such a review is posted, BFN-AI immediately alerts the appropriate personnel at your caravan park via email, indicating the need for a personalised, human response.

6. What kind of support can we expect during and after setting up BFN-AI in our caravan park?

 Yes, at BFN-AI, we are committed to ensuring that your experience with our AI-powered review response tool is both smooth and effective. To assist you with any questions or issues you might encounter, we offer dedicated email support. Please feel free to reach out to our support team at Our team is dedicated to providing timely and helpful responses to ensure that you can make the most out of our services.

7. What is the difference between BFN-AI and other AI tools for caravan parks?

BFN-AI stands out from other providers because we are not a copy-and-paste solution. Our unique difference lies in the fact that we train our AI to be customized based on your caravan park's brand and specific instructions. Other providers typically use basic prompts or require you to train the AI yourself. This is not practical as your team may lack the experience or be too busy to do this, and it would also require additional time for testing to achieve the best possible response output. With BFN-AI, you get a tailored, high-quality service without the extra hassle.

8. Does BFN-AI comply with Google's AI Guidelines?

Yes, BFN-AI complies with Google's AI guidelines. Google's current stance on AI-generated content focuses primarily on quality and user value, rather than the means of content creation. AI-generated content is acceptable as long as it is helpful, reliable, and prioritizes the user's experience—qualities that align with Google's E-E-A-T criteria (Expertise, Experience, Authoritativeness, Trustworthiness).

Google does not currently mandate labeling AI-generated content, although they recommend transparency about using AI, especially for images. For text content, it remains at the discretion of the publisher whether to disclose AI involvement.

Moreover, while AI can be a powerful tool for content creation, it is important that it is not used to manipulate search rankings or to produce low-quality, spammy content. Using AI responsibly, ensuring the content adds value and is based on solid expertise and information, aligns with Google's guidelines and avoids penalties.

Therefore, as long as BFN-AI is used to create high-quality, user-focused responses without aiming to manipulate search rankings, it should comply with Google’s guidelines. This ensures that your caravan park's online reputation remains strong and trustworthy.


9. Are responses personalised?

BFN-AI is trained to respond to your guest reviews by following specific guidelines, such as the language to use, the tone of voice to adopt, the length of the response, and the correct contact information for your caravan park. Each review response is not just personalised but individualised, ensuring that every guest receives a unique and appropriate reply. Additionally, BFN-AI is trained to craft SEO-ready responses to enhance your local search strategy and increase your visibility on search engines like Google.

10. How does BFN-AI work?

BFN-AI is an AI model trained on millions of reviews to generate responses. BFN-AI understands the various aspects of a good guest experience, like food, cleaning, service, facilties, activities etc. When you give it a review, it instantly generates a response. BFN-AI responses are designed to always be professional and courteous (like you'd expect your caravan park staff to be)!

BFN-AI intelligently filters star ratings between positive and negative reviews. It can be set to auto-pilot or moderation mode, allowing team members to approve or edit responses if they wish. Additionally, it can randomly upsell by encouraging guests to book directly the next time they visit. This flexibility ensures that your caravan park's unique voice and standards are maintained while maximising guest engagement and satisfaction.

11. Why do you charge a setup fee?

At BFN-AI, the setup fee is essential to providing a highly customised and effective AI review response assistant tailored specifically for your caravan park. Here's what the setup fee covers:

Custom Integration: We integrate BFN-AI with your preferred review sites, configuring it to align seamlessly with your caravan park's operational flow. This personalised setup ensures that the AI functions optimally within the specific context of your caravan park.

AI Training: Our experienced team train your AI-Response Assistant. This process involves crafting precise, caravan park-specific instructions that guide the AI in generating responses. The quality of these instructions, or prompts, is crucial as they determine the effectiveness and relevance of the AI-generated replies.

12. Can BFN-AI be customised to fit our caravan park's brand voice?

Yes, BFN-AI can be customized to reflect your caravan park's brand voice. During the setup phase, we will train BFN-AI based on your caravan park's specific brand voice and can even replicate a team member's writing style. These instructions will ensure that the responses align with your brand identity, providing a consistent and professional communication style. Additionally, these instructions can be modified in the future to make any changes or refinements as needed.