The Ultimate Review Request Cheat Sheet For Car Dealerships.

The Best Review Request Cheat Sheet For Car Dealerships with Tips and Examples.
4-Mar-2024 - 4-Mar-2024

The most adept sales and marketing managers at car dealerships understand the art of requesting reviews.

They recognise the optimal moments, techniques, and wording to employ.

This expertise isn't just about gathering feedback; it's a powerful tool that propels your dealership's visibility in local search rankings on platforms like Google, aiding potential customers in their discovery and decision-making processes.

Recognising the paramount importance of customer reviews in elevating a dealership's online presence and credibility, there's a strong interest among car dealership marketers to master the art of review solicitation.

To lend you a hand, we’ve knocked up this brilliant cheat sheet for requesting reviews that’ll snag you the feedback you’re after.

The Review Response Cheat Sheet For Car Dealerships

Here is the downloadable version of it.

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Ask 3 Times.

  • Immediately following a sale or service appointment.
  • Seven days after vehicle purchase or service completion.
  • Lifecycle stage change (long-term customers, such as the anniversary of their car purchase).

Six Type of Review Requests.

1. Keep it simple and quick, leveraging specific figures.
2. Explain why their feedback is invaluable to you.
3. Choose the timing of your request wisely.
4. Highlight your dealership's unique selling points.
5. Focus on your facilities and services.
6. Personalise your outreach.

12 Customisable Review Request Templates.

1. "<Name>, it was wonderful to assist you with your <vehicle purchase/service> today! Could we trouble you to leave us a review? Your feedback is crucial to us."

2. “Congratulations on acquiring your new [car model]. We'd be interested to know why you chose <specific model or service>. Could you spare <timeframe> to write us a review?”

3. "Our <sales/service> team values your opinion. Could you spare <timeframe> to write us a review?"

4. "Could you spare <timeframe> to write us a review? We've made it straightforward – just click here." It'll only take <timeframe> of your time."

5. "<Customer name>, congratulations on <time period> with your <car model>! We hope it has served you well. Could you spare <timeframe> to write us a review?"

6. "Hi, <Name>! Our team values your support and would love to hear about your standout experiences with us."

7. "We pride ourselves on our <unique selling proposition>, and we're eager to know how this has enhanced your experience."

8. "Congratulations on acquiring your new <car model>." Could you spare [timeframe] to write us a review?"

9. Hi, <Name>, Thank you for choosing <name of dealership> for your <Brand> Car Service. Did we earn 5 stars today?

10. <Name> Thank you getting your <make & model> MOT'd at <dealership name> Could you rate our service?  

11. "<Name>, congratulations on your new <Make & Model> through the Motability scheme! We'd love to hear your thoughts on our service. How would you rate your experience with us?"

12. "As a new customer to <Dealership Name & brand> We'd appreciate it if you could compare our services to other dealerships in the [city/region]."

Sites to Send Reviewers to: 

  • Google
  • Facebook
  • JudgeService
  • Trustpilot
  • Feefo

*Note: Feefo and JudgeService are verified-only platforms. 

How to Ask for Reviews

  • Via text message.
  • Via email if texting is unfeasible.

Compliance and Ethics

  • Always Request Reviews Fairly: Do not pressure customers into leaving only positive reviews. Encourage honest and unbiased feedback.
  • Transparency with Customers: Clearly inform customers that their reviews will be public and may be used for marketing purposes, if applicable.
  • Avoid Incentivising Reviews: Offering incentives for reviews is frowned upon and can be against the guidelines of review platforms.
  • Equal Opportunity for Feedback: Solicit reviews from all customers, not just those who have had positive experiences. Filtering out potential negative feedback is unethical.
  • Respect Customer Privacy: Ensure that any communication respects customer privacy laws, such as the GDPR, by obtaining consent where required.
  • Adhere to Platform Guidelines: Each review platform has its own set of rules (e.g., Google, Facebook). Familiarise yourself with and adhere to these guidelines to avoid penalties.
  • No Misleading Practices: Do not engage in practices that could mislead consumers or distort your dealership's reputation, such as posting fake reviews or altering genuine reviews.
  • Prompt Response to Reviews: Ethically manage your online reputation by promptly and professionally responding to all reviews, positive or negative.

Psychological Insights for Effective Requests

1. People respond well to specific numbers (e.g., "It takes just 2 minutes").
2. Personlisation and relevance capture attention.
3. Dissatisfied customers are naturally more inclined to leave reviews; satisfied customers often require a nudge.

Four Keys to Success

1. Utilise SMS for immediacy.
2. Implement automation to streamline the process.
3. Integrate with your CRM to personalise interactions.
4. Minimise human error through systematic approaches.
5. Use BFN-AI for review response management.

Five Strategies for Personalisation

1. Use both the customer's and the representative's first names.
2. Mention the specific vehicle or service purchased.
3. Reference specific details from the sales or service experience.
4. Highlight the department they interacted with.
5. Note the time of year to contextualise the feedback.

Segmenting Your Customer Base

1. Distinguish between first-time buyers and returning customers.
2. Segment by lifecycle stage.
3. Categorise by purchased vehicle or service type.
4. Identify the department they engaged with.
5. Don't forget about Motability customers.


Engaging Email Subject Lines for Higher Review Response Rates.

  1. "[First Name], did we earn your trust?"
  2. "[First Name], did we earn 5 stars?"
  3. "Your Thoughts, [First Name]?"
  4. "Feedback Time, [First Name] 
  5. "Your Experience, Sam?"

By applying these strategies, car dealership sales and marketing managers can craft a robust review solicitation framework that not only enhances their online reputation but also significantly boosts customer engagement and dealership visibility.

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