Overcoming Caravan Inventory Shortages Through Email Personalisation

6-Mar-2024 - 6-Mar-2024


Salop Leisure, one of the UK's leading caravan dealerships, confronted a critical inventory shortage of used touring caravans and motorhomes. 

This shortage posed a threat to sales targets, as the demand for these leisure vehicles soared and Salop Leisure struggled to maintain a supply to match.


The primary goal was to swiftly increase the inventory of used touring caravans and motorhomes by incentivising existing customers to consider selling their vehicles back to Salop Leisure.

This strategy would then potentially encourage them to upgrade to brand-new models—a win-win situation.


Salop Leisure enlisted the expertise of Built for Now to develop an email marketing campaign to target their substantial customer database with personalised messages to evoke a response.


The email campaign was meticulously designed, utilising personalised data to connect more deeply with recipients. 

The key innovation was the inclusion of each recipient's name and the make and model of their caravan or motorhome directly in the email's content and subject line. 

For example, the subject line of the emails was crafted in the following format: "[Name], would you like to sell your [Make & Model]?"

This personal touch was further emphasised within the body of the email: "Martin, Are you looking to sell your Swift Challenger?"


Along with the personalisation, the email featured a compelling call to action, inviting recipients to click for a free valuation of their vehicle, emphasising the simplicity and stress-free nature of the transaction.


The campaign was a resounding success. With over 17,000 emails sent, Salop Leisure saw an impressive engagement rate, resulting in over 500 valuations requested.

This outcome not only replenished their inventory but also reinforced the power of personalisation in customer outreach.

"BFN understands marketing performance, which is why we continue to use them".

Mark Bebb. Joint Managing Director 


Salop Leisure's case exemplifies the efficacy of combining personalisation with a strong call to action in email marketing.

By leveraging customer data to address individuals personally and making a direct appeal to their ownership, Salop Leisure was able to effectively mitigate the pressing inventory challenges.

The case study highlights the significance of tailored communication in marketing campaigns and the potent impact of understanding and leveraging customer relationships to achieve business objectives.

Click Through Rate.
Caravan Valuations issued.
Used RV's Purchased.

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