How We Used Intrigue and Mystery to unlock £1 Million in New Car Sales.

Mystery can be an alluring force in both seduction and marketing when promoting new car offers.
5-Mar-2024 - 5-Mar-2024


JT Hughes Group sought to increase awareness and encourage test drive requests for the manufacturer's UK offers within their Hyundai, Honda, Kia, Isuzu, and KGM franchises in Shropshire and Mid-Wales.

Secret Offer 2


JT Hughes is mandated with promoting quarterly manufacturer offers, which primarily encourage test drive bookings from customers later in the buying journey.

To support these national campaigns, JT Hughes wanted to introduce its own offer, targeting engagement with early-stage buyers to encourage test drive bookings.


Built For Now effectively utilised the power of intrigue and mystery to engage early-stage buyers by introducing the "JT Hughes Secret Discount."

This promotional strategy was aimed at increasing test drive bookings and reducing no-shows.

By making a test drive booking online a prerequisite, the dealership set the stage for a unique reveal.

The secret discount, disclosed only at the time of the test drive, was key to ensuring customers' commitment to attend.

This method not only promised the benefit of additional savings but also elevated the test drive experience to an event filled with excitement and discovery.

The campaign was meticulously crafted and disseminated through the following tactics:

Landing Page Optimisation.



Video Marketing.

Marketing Email Automation


Digital Advertising.


Each element was designed to synergise and amplify the allure of the 'Secret Offer', making it a compelling proposition for potential customers.

"BFN are a great agency to work with as they understand marketing performance."

Paul Tench, Group Sales Director.


The 'Secret Offer' campaign significantly impacted JT Hughes, yielding tangible returns on investment from their new car sales promotions.

Beyond driving sales, it offered a valuable metric for assessing the effectiveness of marketing strategies tied to new car offers.

This measurable success allowed for more informed decisions and refinements in their promotional tactics, further enhancing their market position and customer engagement.



Secret Codes Issued 94, Vehicles Sold £1 Million, Approx Sales Revenue.

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