Car Dealers: 58% Opt for AI Over Human in a Review Response.

Bright Local's 2024 Consumer Survey Conducts a Blind Test Comparing AI and Human Response to Review
16-Apr-2024 - 16-Apr-2024

58% of consumers unknowingly chose an AI-generated review response as their preferred option in a recent report by  Local SEO powerhouse, BrightLocal.

The "Local Consumer Review Survey 2024: Trends, Behaviors," disclosed these findings through a blind test, offering participants two responses to a review—one from a genuine business owner and the other created with AI, without indicating which was which.

Ai better at responding to reviews better than a human

*Image Source: Bright Local. 

What This Means for Car Dealerships.

Quick and personal responses to customer reviews are key for car dealerships, directly impacting customer retention and sales.

However, the challenge of promptly addressing each review can be overwhelming.

Car buyers expect not just reviews but timely responses, ideally within a 3-day window.

These interactions play a pivotal role at a critical stage in the car buying journey.

Remember, reviews and responses are read not just by your existing customers (recent purchasers) but also by your prospects (in-market buyers).

How long should you reply to a review

*Image Source: Bright Local. 

How  BFN-AI Helps Car Dealerships.

BFN-AI has been specifically developed for car dealerships and is an AI-Powered review response assistant that helps you write and auto-post thoughtful responses to customer reviews.

With it, you can send personalised replies to your customers that drive loyalty and trust at scale—all in a matter of seconds.

Review Response Example

Cut response time to a minute, not days.

For car dealerships, engaging promptly with customer reviews is not just good practice—it's critical for enhancing loyalty, trust, and your dealership's reputation online.

The traditional approach to responding to these reviews can be exceedingly time-consuming, especially when striving for quality and personalisation.

Utilise our AI-driven tool to craft custom, personalised messages at scale, effectively cutting down the admin time your team spends responding to reviews by 90%

Personalise review responses at scale. 

Personalisation is key to building lasting customer loyalty in the car dealership industry. With BFN-AI, writing unique human-like review responses based on actual customer context is absolutely possible. Plus, you can always edit the generated text before you hit send.

Get High-Quality and Accurate Responses.

BFN-AI uses natural language processing (technology that allows computers to understand human language) so your dealership can be confident that all review responses are of high quality, helpful, and accurate.

That means they are grammatically correct, sound professional, and include relevant customer information, dealership location, make, model, or service products with all relevant keywords to drive your local SEO efforts.

AI Review Response from BFN-AI

Keep Your Responses On-Brand.

When your dealership has dozens or thousands of customer reviews to reply to, it’s important to maintain your brand’s tone and voice. In doing so, you’ll foster lasting and trustworthy relationships with customers and positively impact your online reputation.

With BFN-AI, you won’t ever have to worry about your brand’s tone or voice getting lost in the many reviews you reply to.
By providing contextual prompts, you’ll consistently share on-brand responses that help you build strong relationships with customers.

Integrates with Review Platforms.

BFN-AI seamlessly integrates with most popular review platforms like Google and JudgeService for full automation, cutting down your admin by up to 90% and allowing you to see all reviews and responses from multiple platforms from a single dashboard.

Your Strategic Move.

The findings from BrightLocal serve as a clear signal to UK car dealership management: adopting AI into your customer engagement strategy is now essential.

By integrating BFN-AI, your dealership is not just adapting to the digital age but is also pioneering in customer satisfaction and engagement.

In an era where immediate and empathetic customer interaction is the benchmark, the future of customer engagement clearly lies in AI.

BFN-AI is here to ensure that your dealership not only meets but exceeds this standard, transforming every customer review into an opportunity to demonstrate your commitment to excellence.

The transition to AI isn't just a step towards keeping up with technology; it's a leap into fostering deeper, more meaningful connections with your customers.


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