Boosting Caravan Park Bookings with an Exclusive Black Friday Campaign.

6-Mar-2024 - 6-Mar-2024


In an innovative marketing venture, Love2Stay a premier caravan and glamping resort, utilised Black Friday, traditionally a retail-focused event, to significantly boost its bookings.

This case study delves into the strategic execution of an 'Early Access Black Friday Campaign' tailored for the 'Repeat bookers' segment, integrating a mix of email marketing and automation to build anticipation and exclusivity among its guests.

Campaign Goals.

  • Drive Bookings: Leverage Black Friday to increase bookings at the caravan park, focusing on the period outside traditional peak seasons.
  • Strengthen Customer Relationships: Offer existing customers exclusive early access to deals, reinforcing their loyalty and enhancing their connection to the brand.
  • Segment Guest Accommodation/Pitch Profiles : Personalise emails based on the type of accommodation between the Glamping Lodges and touring pitches. 

Strategy Overview

The campaign strategically targeted 'Repeat bookers'  and non bookers on their database about Black Friday deals.

Email Marketing for 'Repeat Bookers' (VIP Offer).

Initial Tease (1st Week of October): An introduction email hinting at an upcoming exclusive Black Friday deal for VIP customers.

Get Early Access Email

Dedicated Landing Page: Repeat guests are directed to a dedicated landing page to sign up to get early access to the Black Friday offer.

Black Friday landing Page

Glamping Audience Segment: An automated email promoting the exclusive Black Friday offer is sent to all repeat guests who registered for early access. 

Glamping Black Friday Offer
Touring Caravan Segment  Deal Reveal: The same email, but targeting a caravanning audience, is sent to all repeat guests who signed up for early access to the Black Friday Offer

touring black friday offer

Black Friday Announcement (6 a.m., 24th Nov): A broadcast email to the entire mailing list unveiling the standard Black Friday booking deals for the caravan park.

non guest black friday

 "Highly recommend BFN, The team of Nick, Keith & gang are a great asset to our team." 

Chris Skitt, Park Manager, Love2Stay.


  • Booking Surge: The VIP early access emails catalysed a remarkable increase in bookings, particularly for the off-peak season, demonstrating the effectiveness of the exclusive offer strategy.
  • Enhanced Loyalty: The personalised approach of the campaign fostered a deeper sense of loyalty among repeat bookers, with many expressing their appreciation for the early access to deals.
  • Widespread Anticipation: Social media efforts successfully created a palpable sense of anticipation, leading to a significant uptick in bookings following the general email broadcast.


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