How we generated 700 leads with zero spend on advertising

Mexichem Specialty Compounds (Formerly AlphaGary) are a world leader in high-performance engineered plastics compound technologies. They operate manufacturing plants in the US, UK, Mexico and Colombia, serving multiple markets across the globe.

All images and stats mentioned in the below case study are accurate from publishing date (2018).

Daniel J. DeLisleGeneral Manager, Specialty Compounds USA & UK

Mexichem Specialty Compounds are known for compounding innovation, but our expertise did not shine through on our website.

Despite our expertise in Polymer Compound manufacturing, we were struggling to deliver a cohesive digital experience that supported the requirements of our various sales teams and industry partners.

When looking for plastic compound technologies, engineers prefer to read data-laden content such as processing methods, temperature resistance and other specific material properties.

We decided to partner with Built For Now, as their user-first approach really impressed us and their credentials proved they had the experience to evolve our business and digitally transform it to better meet the needs of customers, prospects and our employees.


  • No media spend
  • No data, Analytics not set up
  • No on-page SEO
  • Confusing Navigation
  • Highly technical audience

Our contributions

  • User research
  • User experience (UX)
  • Keyword research
  • Strategy & Planning
  • User Interface

Old site Vs New

This project included the design and build of a new site which allowed for a brand name change. Mexichem Specialty Compounds needed a connected digital experience that could foster better lead generation, enable their sales force, and communicate their history-rich products and services portfolio so they could continue to shape the world for years to come.

Our Approach

Our approach to customer immersion and stakeholder identification enabled us to define and prioritise the business objectives. This allowed us to design a roadmap that culminated in a fully refreshed CMS-powered digital experience. The new Mexichem Specialty Compounds website is now a connected CRM-led 24/7 sales vehicle built to help them to reach and engage with customers and prospects all over the world, any time of the day.

Lead Generation
Growth driven design
Buyer personas
Advanced Product
Market / Technology
TDS Finder
Content Audit
Customer portal
Brand pages
Geo Location

UX and SEO are a match made in heaven

Pure technical SEO, while still being essential, seems to be losing importance and giving way to UX and conversion rate optimisation (CRO). We needed to improve the usability of the website to make it easier for engineers to decide on the right compound technology, and, more importantly, extend these usability improvements to the RFQ process for higher lead generation.

As a result, we combined the two disciplines to make a better experience where technical buyers not only found Mexichem's products and services in search engines such as Google and BING but also can quickly do what they came for when they land on the site. Our SEO team implemented a comprehensive SEO strategy involving the following process:

SEO strategy

  • Site Analysis
  • Keyword Research and Competitive Analysis
  • Onsite Optimization
  • Content-Driven Strategies
  • Non-Content-Driven Strategies
  • SEO Audit and Evaluation

Improve User Experience

Filter by type of Polymer, brand or market
Technical data sheet finder

We gated technical data sheets to boost lead generation

To gate or not to gate? That was a question the Built For Now team debated. Do we give visitors and customers access to all content without the need to fill in a form? The vast majority of Mexichem’s competitors have ungated websites which do not request that visitors share their contact details in exchange for access. This is understandable, as most people do not like filling in forms... unless the content is perceived to be valuable and unique.

Generating leads was a primary objective. The client's technical data sheets offer high-value, helpful and propriety information. We opted for gating TDS requests, and users could gain instant access to technical information by filling in a form and providing details such as name, contact details, market and job position, which allowed the data provided to be segmented directly into their CRM system.


The immediate results were increased marketing qualified traffic and marketing qualified leads (MQT & MQL); more advanced reporting for ongoing optimisation; and a website section with interactive and user-friendly features that facilitated easier compound selection and RFQ fulfilment.

55% increase in organic traffic since 2016
30 commercial intent keywords ranked on page 1 of Google
700 marketing qualified leads in 2018

*Stats cover date period September 2016 to August 2018

"The end result which Built For Now delivered is light years beyond what our site experience used to be. From the exhaustive audit and competitive landscape analysis up front, to the thoughtful strategic framework, U/X, development and deployment, Built For Now delivered tangible business impact."

— Denise Wallace,
Marketing Manager at Mexichem
Specialty Compounds.


While lead generation increased, which was a primary business goal for our client, one of the most invaluable benefits of this initiative was insight into search behavior. Advanced reporting features uncovered a few distinguishable characteristics of how material engineers prefer to select Polymer compounds, as well as the type of information they typically find most important. This information paved the way for further usability improvements throughout the rest of the site, to accommodate the needs of an engineering buyer, which, once again, led to increased lead generation.

In a nutshell, this has been the growth-driven design approach we have taken – using a wealth of data to inform design and development with the goal of promoting ongoing business growth.

We continue to work with Mexichem Specialty Compounds, using a growth-driven design methodology in much the same way as it was implemented for the material selection portion of the website. This growth-driven design initiative has been highly successful, and ongoing efforts continue to produce quantifiably profitable results.

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