Brand Architecture:
Creating a Healthy Clarity

Help2Change is a public service organisation founded on a passion for helping people - that’s the inspiration for the name. Their mission is to help people everywhere to achieve the changes they need for a healthier life.

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Dr Kevin LewisDirector of Help2Change

At Help2Change we passionately believe that preventing disease is key; both to improving health and keeping rising healthcare costs under control. When we invest in prevention, the benefits are broadly shared. Children grow up in communities, homes, and families that nurture their healthy development, and adults are productive and healthy, both in and out of the workplace.

We do this by providing a range of quality, evidence-based health services which are delivered by our highly qualified teams.

We had an issue with branding the breadth of our services. We needed clarity and trust, and we recognised this to be especially important for physical health and wellbeing. People are not going to trust a healthcare company if we do not have a trustworthy brand. To position and bolster our brand, we called Built For Now.


  • Target the needs of specific customer segments
  • Work with existing (very long) brand names
  • Clarify brand positioning and messaging
  • Ensure clarity and synergy between services

Our contributions

  • Strategy
  • Logo development
  • Brand architecture
  • Marketing material

Brand architecture

Help2Change most immediate problem was that they lacked good brand architecture: A clearly defined configuration of services or products. What they needed was a new way of structuring their brand to bring their full range of services into focus.

Care was given to create a visual identity that scales and co-brands well. As we explored concepts around a healthy lifestyle and the need for visual positivity, the image of a smile emerged.

Create consistency and different colour palettes across parent brand and sub-brands.

Endorsed brand architecture

We opted for an endorsed brand architecture in which the parent brand (Help2Change) and its sub-brands have strong, unique market presences. In this way, the sub-brands benefit from their association with or endorsement from the parent logo. The implementation of the smile icon as part of the brand name would also help with the development of a brand architecture system.

Smile icon works in isolation

As we had to work with existing brand names which are challengingly long, the smile icon displayed under the brand names was also designed to work in isolation. This would be ideal for applications where the full logotype doesn't fit, like social media avatars and app icons.


Business cards

The logo and smile element for the business cards communicates the brand’s focus on a healthy lifestyle.


Simplified and stylised, the brand logo creates a minimalist aesthetic suitable for envelopes and other mailing materials.


Consistent with the overall design concept, the unique layout of the letterhead reinforces the futuristic sensibility of the brand.

Brand guidelines

Help2Change was provided with a full set of guidelines for logo and identity use, including color palettes, fonts, and placement.


Help2Change now has a strong branding strategy and a clear position within the markets they will operate in, as well as a clear way to transmit desired messages to their target audience. The company and its partners don’t have to do any guesswork when it comes to developing a wide variety of materials: They only have to follow the guidelines set in the brand manual.

"The team at Built For Now worked with us to really unlock the essence of our brands, and quickly understood our vision for the business. We enjoyed the collaborative experience and felt that Built For Now not only listened to our aspirations and reflected them, but pushed us to go even further than we could have imagined."

— Dr Kevin Lewis,
Director of Help2Change.

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